Free Screen Capture Tool on Mac

DuckCapture for Mac is a free screen capture tool for Apple Mac OS X! The major functionalities have been introduced in Free Screen Capture Tool, this article will be focusing on installation and usage on Mac OS X.

1. Download the disk image file. When you double click the dmg file, it will mount as a disk and opened automatically.

2. Drag DuckCapture and drop on the “Applications” folder alias, which is on the right side of the DuckCapture icon.

3. Open Applications folder, and double click “DuckCapture” to run, you’ll see an new icon on shared menu bar system tray area.

4. When you hove mouse cursor on the icon, the system panel will show up. You can click the available capture options to start screen capture.

5. Click the icon to get the menu, you can also select “Show Main Window” to open the main window, and change more advanced options.

6. After you have captured screen areas/windows, you can user annotation tools to add arrows, rectangles or text. Please see also Add Annotations on Screenshot.

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